Posted by: Jack | September 15, 2010

A Dutch 4-H show

Dan and Jack at the hawking exhibit

Last week, we were sighted with Dan from the Ft. Wayne, IN area. As part of a business trip around the world (or so it seemed to us), he caught his breath a bit in the Netherlands. We enjoyed catching up on the latest family news, since we have spent time with Dan and his family in the States several times while on furlough. After hearing so much about the 4-H activities in which they were involved, we were surprised that we had a similar country fair close to our home. Besides the typical sales and food stands, we watched horses getting shoed the old-fashioned way, and admired the birds in the hawking stand. Funny that someone would have to travel the world around to show us what 4-H looks like in the Netherlands. But as city-dwellers, we wouldn’t know. We’re just used to the rain!

It’s good to connect face-to-face, but often we connect through prayer. Thanks, Dan and so many others, for praying for us and supporting us. Without you all, we couldn’t fulfill this ministry that the Lord has called us to.

Please visit our prayer page for recent updates.


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