Posted by: Jack | June 15, 2010

Leadership meeting

Sunday AM. A day to remember the persecuted church. I (Jack) preached on the theme of being a small church without much power or influence (Rev. 3:7-15) and then we prayed in small groups for suffering Christians. It reminded me of the books by Richard Wurmbrand I read years ago. It inspired courage and determination to be faithful to Christ, no matter what.

Thijs leading the discussion

Sunday PM. Twenty leaders of various ministries in our church met for encouragement and discussion. Besides enjoying sunshine, good food and fellowship, Thijs and Saskia (our almost-graduates from ETF, serving in our church) challenged us to grow in our communication with one another. Initially, we invest so much time into ‘our’ ministries that they become little islands to themselves; our challenge is to join together so that more believers can grow to become mature disciples of Christ. It was great to encourage one another like that … or was it the delicious barbecue at the end that attracted most of our attention? 🙂

All of this is of no avail with God’s power working in and through us. Thanks for praying for us.


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