Posted by: Jack | May 31, 2010

Getting Practical

A recent chapel service at ETF

Last week was a special chapel service at ETF. It was the last of our weekly chapels on Wednesday morning. The worship was well prepared by students who did a great job. A student selected from homiletics class preached on Acts 2. He highlighted the miracle that God gives His Holy Spirit to us, even though we’re not apostles or other ‘worthies.’ All it takes is a humble, repentant heart, and God the Father is ready to include us in His family and share His Spirit with us.

Finally, two students shared a testimony about their internship. One student had served with a parachurch organization that organizes youth conferences, develops materials for youth work and trains youth workers. He was able to develop material about to help teens cope with the grieving process, drawing in part on his own experience with a major illness some years ago. Another student shared about his internship in Romania, where he preached, evangelized, did children and youth work, and much more. Both students came back with a lot of enthusiasm and energy to continue their studies. I hope it doesn’t cool down too much during the next few weeks of exams!

I will have a closing evaluation with these two students, as well as with the dozen or so other students that completed their internships. Thanks for praying.

For more prayer requests, click here.


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