Posted by: Jack | April 1, 2010

Flowers in the neighborhood

Pat's Flower Workshop

Our dining room table was pulled out to its full length of 8 feet. The neighbor’s garden table was also in our living room giving us more working space. A new lady from our neighborhood made a piece for our neighbors across the street whom she knew before she moved here. Another lady accidentally parked in the wrong place (parking is tight over here!) which led me to a conversation with another neighbor whom we rarely see. Overall, 8 ladies came and their nest pieces were absolutely beautiful!

The master florist ...

In the afternoon, I went to 2 ladies who were not able to come in the morning. We made 5 pieces and had a good conversation about the church. In the evening another 4 ladies came and made more lovely pieces. One of the ladies I met last summer with the Athletes in Action campaign.

I was pleased with how so many neighborhood contacts were strengthened. I hadn’t expected this! Your prayers played a very valuable role here. Thank you so much! Please continue praying that the seeds that are planted would grow in good ground and bear fruit. Thanks, Pat.

Don’t forget to check our prayer page.


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