Posted by: Jack | January 9, 2010

Happy New Year?

2010 is a week old already, but it’s not too late to wish you all a blessed New Year.

Pat frying our New Year's Eve delicacies

With Jack spending every waking moment (well, almost) on getting his dissertation finished, Pat decided it was her turn to do our traditional thing: deep fry ‘appelflappen’ (apple dumplings) and ‘oliebollen’ (lit. greaseballs … they taste a lot better than they sound. Rebecca took the car (we’re used to that by now) and spent the evening with friends. Laura made a trip to Leipzig, close to Berlin, with over a dozen friends from Navigators. Jack and Pat spent the evening with two other couples around the block and watched the fireworks. Especially the boys were into this, trying to get the loudest bang for their bucks!

Our newspapers reported that the New Year’s festivities were manageable this year. What they meant was that with only 400 arrests and no more than 20 people blinded in firework accidents, it wasn’t a bad year. Not as bad as the last several years, anyway. But in major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague, it took thousands of police and a number of semi-military anti-riot units to pull this off. We were stunned.

This week, I (Jack) read how Jeremiah wept over the nation of Judah, over their injustices, oppression and callous hearts. This time, I could identify very much with this prophet. It makes us so thankful to belong to a different world with a heavenly Father, and that you’ve sent us to the Netherlands through your prayer and support to be a testimony for Christ. We take courage to serve the Lord here another year. Thanks for being part of that.

Please join our Prayer Force.


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