Posted by: Jack | December 25, 2009

Christmas Joys

Christmas joy …

Our ladies sure can celebrate!

… at our ladies’ Christmas meeting, with at least 8 visitors

… at the student and staff Chistmas dinner, with musical interludes and a meditation

… at our church’s Christmas Eve service with dozens of guests. Pat’s decorations made the school auditorium look a bit more like a church, while Jack sang base in a men’s quartet.

All because we celebrate not our gifts to one another, but God’s gift to us. He didn’t announce it with pomp and celebrations, but quietly to humble folks who longed to see God’s salvation.

We’re grateful for the salvation we have already received, we like Simeon and Hannah who held Christ as babe, we too long for the full promise of peace, justice and salvation for the whole earth.

Thanks for praying for us and supporting us to help make a litle more of this salvation visible in the Netherlands and through ETF’s students. Without your help we couldn’t do that.

Click here for our prayer page.

A musical interlude before the main course


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