Posted by: Jack | December 6, 2009

Honest Faith

Waiting their turn to give their testimony ...

His testimony was carefully prepared. He pulled out his paper when it was his time to speak. A story unfolded of someone in search of certainty and security. Could he really know for sure whether his family would like the presents he was about to buy them? Could he really know for sure if God would accept him. As he read the Word, prayed and worshiped over the past few years, confidence grew that God was really who He said He was. He shared how many questions and doubts remained, but that he had decided to give them over to God and trust Him. It moved us to hear of his struggle to trust God, a struggle that many could identify with in a world filled with rational doubts. “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”

This was just one of the five testimonies that we heard during our baptismal service. We wish you could have heard them all. God is at work mightily to open up hearts and minds for His truth, not in the least because so many of you who pray with us regularly for contacts, open doors for the gospel, and life-changing commitments of searching people. Keep on praying as we turn our eyes to the celebration of God becoming man in the birth of Jesus Christ. That many may yet come to know Him!

We continue to look for people to pray for us daily (like praying for those who were baptized to remain faithful). Please join our prayer force. Also, you can subscribe to this blog to get the stories delivered by email. See the subscription option to the right of this story.

Answering two questions, just before getting baptized


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