Posted by: Jack | November 27, 2009

Flower workshop

“Lord, I need a lot of conifers for the ladies flower workshop. It would be nice if it wasn’t too far away.”

A few hours later I heard noise outside that sounded like a tree being cut down. Workmen were hauling conifers from the backyard of people around the corner. I asked for some branches. They said yes and put a huge pile at my front door! What  an answer to prayer!

Flower Workshop on Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday, Thanksgiving morning, the ladies began coming. Three tables filled my living room. After a short explanation, coffee and apple cake, 16 ladies began making wreaths or filling baskets and flower pots with greenery. Conversation flowed and the big conifer pile almost disappeared! It was super to see how ladies helped each other and how their pieces were the same but yet so different!

Then at 7:30 in the evening another group of 10 ladies came for the same workshop. Again the sphere was super and the pieces lovely. There was even some greenery left over! I was also very thankful that 5 new ladies came and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Pray that the seeds sown would grow on good ground and bear fruit.




  1. Cool answer to prayer!!!


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