Posted by: Jack | November 23, 2009

Living Stones

With close to 100 believers, we gathered in a converted farm in the nearby hills for our all church retreat. The theme was “Living Stones,” helping us reflect on how God has made us in all kinds of shapes and forms and yet he expects us to fit together into a beautiful building to his honor.

Workshops had something for everyone, from getting your face painted, percussion, portrait painting, and playing chess to a night game in the woods (in the drizzling rain – ugh). The only

One of the workshops

activity with mixed results was getting enough sleep – but those who snored hard enough didn’t have any trouble with that.

One of the enjoyable things about the retreat is leisure time to just chat and spend some time together, feet propped up by the huge fire-place in the middle of the hall. Or just teaming up to get meals prepared or tables cleared. Several guests had come as well, getting a first exposure to Christian love and teaching.

Thanks for praying for the retreat. And keep on praying that our church will grow into the beautiful place of worship and proclamation God intends for it to be.


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