Posted by: Jack | October 20, 2009

Mentoring, how do you do it?!

Unlike any other Tuesday, almost 30 students gathered in the chapel this week. It was a special meeting to discuss mentoring at ETF. The current system, where students are assigned to a small group with a mentor did not meet the need as well as it was hoped.

Students brainstorming about mentoring in ETF's chapel

Students brainstorming about mentoring in ETF's chapel

The need is still there: committed and enthusiastic students who need guidance in their study choices and progress — especially if they run into obstacles — and opportunities to interact spiritually and not only academically with faculty.

The potential is also still there: committed faculty with experience in life and ministry, who have grown in their faith through things that students may one day face.

So we brainstormed about how to make the connections between faculty and students, about how to create a learning community where intellectual, personal and spiritual development go hand in hand. Lots of ideas were shared in the small discussion groups. Please pray for Jack, the students and staff, as they work this out so that students are better equipped to become the Christian leaders that the Lord calls them to be.


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