Posted by: Jack | October 15, 2009

The Flower Express

You missed a sight last Sunday. Just before I drove off in our little red car to preach in a nearby mission church, I helped Pat get loaded up for church. And loaded she was! She had made two beautiful arrangements with

Pat on the flower express

Pat on the flower express

gladiolas and sunflowers, each about 4 feet tall. Then she had two basketball size pumpkins to create a pretty composition in front of the church. Plus, she had her purse, her Bible and a few other assorted items. Would you believe we got all of that on her bicycle!? That’s a sight even for the Dutch!

I am so thankful for Pat’s creative talents, for her eagerness to serve the Lord in all kinds of ways. And we’re both grateful for Pat’s boss who often lets her take home armfuls of old flowers on Saturday afternoon to make something for church. Keep praying that Pat will be used as a fragrance of life at her place of work – things are really slow now so the pressure is on.

Don’t forget to check our new prayer page.

Oh, and pray for me when Pat discovers I’ve put her picture on our blog …



  1. I LOVED the update and pix of Pat. Thank you for keeping your testimony real and sharing the details of life in your world! charlene


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