Posted by: Jack | October 4, 2009

Bible Teaching Gearing Up

Thijs teaching on the Holy Spirit

Thijs teaching on the Holy Spirit

Wednesday night.
Time to get the laptop and beamer set up.
Where is the extension cord?
Rearrange the small auditorium of the grade school where we meet.
Who was bringing a thermos of coffee and tea?

Thijs and Jack started the new series of Bible courses in the Maastricht church. Last Wednesday night was the second session, with an attendance of about 12 people. Jack taught the first hour on the gospels: How did we get them? Are they a full biography of Jesus? How is each gospel unique? We’ll also look at the life of Christ. The next session will focus on the stages of discipleship in Jesus’ ministry, a great way to get a picture of how Jesus’ ministry progressed from Judea to Galilee to Ceasarea Philippi, and so on to Jerusalem. A final session will deal with Christ’s suffering and resurrection.

Thijs, our part-time assistant pastor, taught the second hour on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, this time dealing with the baptism and the filling of the Spirit. Thijs gave an overview of prophecy and the ministry of Christ to help us understand these important concepts. The next two sessions focus on the fruit and on some of the gifts of the Spirit.

We know … that’s not much time to teach on the life of Christ or the ministry of the Holy Spirit, but it provides basic information in broad brush strokes to help people read their Bibles with better understanding. Pray that this ministry will encourage all believers in reading their Bibles, and that it will help to equip people for ministry.


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