Posted by: Jack | September 27, 2009

Opening Exercises

Enjoying Rita's visit in our colorful backyard

Enjoying Rita's visit in our colorful backyard

Was it ever a mistake to think we’d have a few quiet weeks before classes started in full swing! It all started with a visit (on 9/17) from Rita Whaley, a medical missionary in Ecuador. Merriam Christian Chapel (Albion, IN) supports both of us. We thought you’d like to see the evidence!

The next few days were a whirlwind:

Friday: funeral for a believer (retired only a few years ago) who died unexpectedly from the complications of a neck surgery.

Saturday: Pat participated in a big flower exhibit with her class of fellow florist students.

Sunday: a special baby dedication Sunday for three young couples and their little treasures.

Monday: Jack attended the official ceremony for the opening of the Academic year at ETF.

Tuesday: Jack taught the first class on the gospels in his class for the fall.

Thursday: Pat assisted in the young believers’ Bible study group, called “Christianity Explored” as Jack attended his small group at church (oops, almost forgot to mention the interview with Jack for a young people’s magazine about how Dutch churches can reach out better to young people).

Our baby dedication

Our baby dedication

Saturday: Jack taught the first session at the Saturday Bible Institute (with a new intern!).

Sunday (today): Jack preached the opening sermon on David (1 Sam 21, Ps 34) for a new sermon series about finding shelter with God (our church’s theme for the year).

With so much happening, we’re glad to know that many of you were praying that God in His grace would use us to touch people’s lives! Thanks a whole bunch.


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