Posted by: Jack | August 22, 2009

Impact through Intercession

Ladies' Tea at Conference

Ladies' Tea at Conference

BMW’s annual conference near Fussen (Germany) was a real treat. In the beautiful Lindenhof retreat center, we enjoyed precious fellowship with other missionaries serving in Europe, from Sweden to Croatia, from Spain to Romania, and many places in between. A special team from one of the supporting churches came over to minister to the children (nursery, VBS and teens).

One key feature was the conference theme: “Impact through Intercession.” Although we always emphasize prayer, the next five years this will be our mission’s theme. Two speakers focused our attention on the prayers of the apostle Paul, and on how our prayers allow touch people anywhere on the globe. We were challenged to increase our own prayer life, and for each missionary to enlist daily prayer partners: we’re looking for a Gideon’s army of daily prayer partners. How many? Check Judges 6-8. If you’d like to be one of them, please email us and let us know. We’ll work together to communicate regularly so you have ‘fresh fuel’ for prayer.

Don’t forget to check our newly updated prayer page. We really need your prayers!



  1. I must admit I did get a little homesick when I saw the picture and read your comments on the conference. But I know the Lord has placed me here now and I have a task to fill right here in Beaver Dam


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