Posted by: Jack | July 21, 2009

Summer Time Celebrations

During the last few weeks, Gerschwin’s “Summer Time” has been running through my mind. With blue and sunny skies, we’re ready for a break. Time to look back and celebrate.

Students at ETF finished their courses in late June after a year’s hard work and study. Although many have re-exams in mid-August, it is good for us to enjoy the fruit of another year of teaching. We hear encouraging reports of students serving in mission efforts during the summer, which rejoices our hearts. Hopefully, finished courses bring celebrations, not just of another grade, but with new appreciation of the grace and mercy of our Savior, and renewed dedication to serve Him in gratitude.

ETF Graduates of 2008

ETF Graduates of 2008

This summer also marks the end of the second year of evangelistic Bible studies in our church. Although we’ve not been directly involved, we can celebrate that 17 people have taken this course during these two years, some of which have come to know the Lord. For instance, Rene and Wim were recently baptized, and we meet with them regularly for encouragement, prayer and discipleship. This, too, calls for celebrations.

So we start our summer with joyful hearts, celebrating the Lord’s work in the hearts of students and local believers. Celebrate with us!


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