Posted by: Jack | July 4, 2009

I kissed a Dutch lady …

… and it was great. On June 24, exactly 25 years since Pat and Jack first met, Pat went through a short ceremony in the Maastricht city hall, which granted her Dutch citizenship. Almost all European governments have been very concerned about foreigners living on their soil. As a result, the Dutch government required

Pat is going Dutch ...

Pat is going Dutch ...

Pat to go through a costly and time-consuming course to become ‘fully integrated’ into Dutch society. After all these years, we were so surprised!

While pursuing this, we found that Pat could become a Dutch citizen, simply because she had lived here for 20 years and been married to a Dutchman. We were relieved to discover she could keep her American citizenship, so she did it. It avoids all the paperwork about renewing her residential permit, but more importantly, it assured here that the Dutch government will not refuse her entry into the Netherlands, which is significant since many European countries have recently rejected visa applications for new as well as returning missionaries.

So now Jack has a choice: does he want to kiss the American or the Dutch side?



  1. Hi,
    You can now kiss an AmeriDutchcan.
    Praise the Lord that your ministry is going well!!
    Ken Bixler


  2. Congratulations on becoming Dutch! and, still belonging to the USA at the same time.
    Many of us have experienced caring for our parent and having them pass on to Glory before us. “What a day that will be, when our Saviour we shall see. What a day; glorious day, that will be.”
    We appreciate the updates on family and ministry, plus pictures.
    Blessings always,
    in IN


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