Posted by: Jack | June 16, 2009

It’s a big mess!

That’s right. Since last Wednesday, our house has been turned upside down. We’re getting a new bathroom upstairs and a new toilet downstairs. The pension fund that owns our house and about 70 others around the block decided that after 25 years, these improvements were needed. We’re glad that everything will be nice and shiny again, and we’re puzzling how to put the

Top: our living room; bottom: the upstairs bathroom and hallway

Top: our living room; bottom: the upstairs bathroom and hallway

washer and dryer back in place – since they don’t fit quite where they used to be. We’re also glad that the rent will not be raised more than the usual 1 or 2% per year for inflation. But we’re a little grumpier these days as we are surrounded by plumbers, painters, electricians and many more that track dirt and dust all through the house. A few more weeks, and it’ll be done!

It would be nice if the lives of those we serve (or our own lives for that matter) could be renewed this easily. Pray for regular renewal for us personally, and as we touch the lives of others. Pray especially for the pastoral team in our church, as they regularly counsel and pray with people whose lives are in dire need of renovation. Only, it might at times take years to rebuild, not just a few years.


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