Posted by: Jack | May 22, 2009

Cycling through the Bible

Yesterday, Thijs & Saskia and I (Jack) met over lunch to discuss a Bible teaching strategy for our local church. We brainstormed about teaching one Bible book lesson and one thematic lesson every other Wednesday night, about short modules of 4 sessions each, and much more. Who could teach? We were optimistic that teaching in this fashion could be done relatively easily by anyone with good theological training. So after our lunch with freshly baked bread and a fresh fruit salad, the three of us felt greatly encouraged by the plans.

Thijs and Jack after 30 miles

Thijs and Jack after 30 miles

How did it happen? Last Saturday, my other intern (Pieter-Jan) and I taught the last session for the Lay Bible Institute. Two believers from our church visited to see if they wanted to attend next year. They thought it was just great, and felt more people from church should come. “Why don’t we do this at our church?” they said. That got us thinking. I shared some ideas the next day with Thijs and Saskia who had already worked on a plan. We agreed to have a working lunch, and our plans are being worked out neatly on paper now. Soon we’ll meet with one of the elders, then it goes to the whole Board. Pray that our enthusiasm for teaching God’s word will be contagious, and that all our leaders (elders, small group leaders and more) will be eager for this kind of quality teaching.

Oh yes, and after our lunch, Thijs and I went for a 30 mile bike ride through our beautiful hill country. It reminded us that just as we cycled through the hills, we want to have our teaching cycle through the Bible over a period of 4 of 5 years, building a firm basis for our faith.


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