Posted by: Jack | April 18, 2009

ETF hosts international theology conference

We met in a small class-room with about 9 people. Each one had opportunity to present his or her research in 2 minutes, followed by one or two questions, as if we were defending our dissertation. Even those 5 or 6 minutes before the group resulted in some amazing and very helpful feedback from the group and the professional trainer who led the session. Did you know that, if you look up in the air while trying to answer a question, you access your visual memory and can get easily sidetracked? Or that, if you look to the floor, you access your emotional memory, so that you’re likely to speak from your intuition and feeling? Very helpful tips. Jack learned he could be very convincing, almost a bit too direct and brief in his answers.

This was part an international theology conference that ETF hosted on April 15-16, with some 120 Ph.D. students and faculty from various theological schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. Jack presented a paper on ‘Stereotypical language and leadership in 1 Timothy,’ which was well received (see the prayer page). This paper, and others from ETF were a beautiful testimony to the fact that evangelicals do quality scholarly work. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us.

If you’d like a copy of the paper, please drop Jack an email.


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