Posted by: Jack | April 13, 2009

Rebecca Baptized

Picture this: 6 baptisms in a full Easter service, with music band and flower display, in the auditorium of a public High School which, of course, does n0t have a baptismal pool! On top of that, the High School hosted an unrelated (secular) youth event for some 500+ teens over the same weekend. Get the picture?

Many church folks worked hard and long on Easter morning, sometimes close to panic, but everything was ready at the right moment — well, almost. The message beautifully compared how the Israelites were rescued through the waters of the Red Sea with how sinners are rescued from spiritual death through Christ, with the waters of baptism as a symbol. Five of the six testimonies came from people who had suffered much grief and hardship before turning to Christ. Now they are wonderfully saved. Rebecca’s testimony was equally clear and an encouragement for many of the young people who had come to see her baptized. It was a very moving service, and every testimony brought tears of joy and the hope found in Christ.

Pray for the many unsaved family and friends that attended, that God may get hold of their hearts through what they witnessed.

Rebecca just baptized

Rebecca just baptized



  1. What an awesome picture. Not just the baptism itself, but everyone so upclose and “participating”. Praising God with you!


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