Posted by: Jack | February 15, 2009

The Garden of Eden – next door?

Unveiling of the "Garden of Eden" globe

Unveiling of the "Garden of Eden" globe

A little while ago, we noticed an interesting globe on the new traffic circle outside our neighborhood division. It looked colorful and was nicely lit up. But to our surprise, we saw a lady cover it all up with a big sheet one Sunday afternoon. We sure wondered what she was up to, and I even got indignant that this was no way to show you didn’t like something. Little did I know …

When we returned from our Sunday afternoon walk, there was more activity at the circle, even some traffic regulators, a gathering crowd and a small music band. We were puzled, but soon it turned out that the work of art was to be officially unveiled. Oops, how wrong I was about the intentions for a ‘cover-up.’

When we heard the music, I went to watch. It was an interesting little ceremony, thanking the doctor who lived on the traffic circle and had sponsored the artwork. The artist then told his story. The globe was decorated with the scene in the garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve being tempted by the snake. He had bought a Bible to read the story again, and thought it was very fitting. Only, we in the West now live in a far greater paradise with many friends, good cooking, exotic trips, and wealth beyond the rest of the world. But then, he explained that perhaps our tree of knowledge of good and evil is a picture of our abuse of natural resources, the unequal distribution of wealth, lack of acceptance of other nations or religions, and the like.

It struck me that even though this man was not a believer, he still used the creation story as an inspiration for a public work of art, and even found a modern application of it, although he probably believes it is just an interesting myth. We live in a post-Christian culture, but sometimes a few pieces of Christian culture still remain visible, here quite literally. We want to share ‘the rest of the story’ with others, so pray for us and our church, that we Christ’s letter to them.

Thanks to Johannes Timmerman, a local photographer and friend for this beautiful picture.

Check here for our prayer page.


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