Posted by: Jack | February 5, 2009

Winter Workshop in Spain

We had a great time in Spain for our annual Winter Workshop.

First, we visited Barcelona over the weekend, seeing some of the beautiful sights. We couldn’t do without a stop at the Familia Sagrada img_3281cathedral, designed by Gaudi and still under construction. It’s an amazing structure, all the more amazing when you read ‘sanctus, sanctus, sanctus’ one the facade, and ‘hosanna excelsis’ on the towers. Currently, they have built 8 towers, with 4 more to follow. BUT! These are the small ones. 4 larger ones will be built inside the area surrounded by these ‘small’ towers, with the largest tower in the middle, symbolizing Jesus Christ. In our day of functional building, it’s hard to imagine someone being so inspired by their faith to build such a edifice. Fortunately, we’re not here in Europe to build such cathedrals, but to train leaders and see churches established, whether they have a building or not.

The Workshop was good, with interaction on our masterplan for Europe, learning more about putting together a personal development plan, and Jack even got to share a bit of his new found insights on leadership from Corinth.



  1. Your photo at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona reminds me of my one trip there (November 2007), when I stayed with Jim & Carolyn Fasold, who have worked many years with the Bible Institute there. It is an amazing structure. I enjoyed walking through it, and would like to visit again. I remember also that there was a table set up for a petition to protest the planned underground train route, which some feel would threaten the structure.


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