Posted by: Jack | December 29, 2008

BMW Youth Advance

Rebecca with Laura in intense conversation somewhere ...

Rebecca with Laura in intense conversation somewhere ...

We made it in time to the airport. I just dropped Rebecca off near Brussels, Belgium, to catch her flight to Barcelona, Spain, where a good dozen or more teenagers meet for a week’s retreat. They are MK’s from Berlin, Stockholm, Toulouse, Maastricht, and perhaps some places in the UK. They really look forward to a special time of interaction. Most have very few if any other Christians in their class or even school.

Several missionary colleagues join to organize this event. Discussion and Bible study times will come from Philippians, and I’m sure they have loads of fun with one another. Pray for the Lord to touch their hearts, that our young people would be committed to him, see the spiritual needs of Europe as a challenge for them and not only as a frustrating difficulty or an impossible task.

Please, also pray for the financial aspect. The organizing team was forced to change location which unexpectedly added several thousand dollars to the total costs. If you’d like to help with this need, please be in touch with us or with our mission about helping with BMW’s European Youth Advance fund.

Click here our prayer page.


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