Posted by: Jack | December 17, 2008

Leadership at ETF

ETF Leadership Conference, December 2008

ETF Leadership Conference, December 2008

Leadership is in the spotlight at ETF. In the last weeks, several events focused on it.

One was an ETF conference on church leadership, which emphasized the priestly function of church leadership. A leader is a shepherd who ministers God’s grace to the flock. In a sense, he is a mediator, because a church leader brings people close to God (although of course not in providing salvation, which only Christ can do). This aspect of leadership is not as often highlighted in today’s western church where mobilizing every believer is done so often through vision and management tasks. The conference was a timely reminder of this important priestly function.

The second event was a leadership breakfast with a speaker addressing the use and abuse of power in the church.

In the meantime, Jack was teaching at a Saturday Bible Institute, where his intern (an ETF student) was teaching his second lesson on Hebrews. We just evaluated the lessons and planned for the next session in January.

Leadership takes place at many levels. Being part of ETF, we can also serve at many levels at the same time. Thanks for praying for us.

For our prayer page, click here.


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