Posted by: Jack | November 27, 2008

What a Thanksgiving!

Baptismal Service, November 23

Baptismal Service, November 23

Last Sunday – another baptismal service. We moved out of our usual location to the larger auditorium to fit all the expected guests. Many believers were busy all weekend long, getting things set up, practicing music, decorating with flowers (Pat with some others), and many other preparations.

The service was a great testimony to the Lord’s saving power. One believer had been saved from an occult background and had a very clear testimony. A second believer was saved from a background of drugs and alcohol. Another had been through so much suffering that Christ remained her only hope. The fourth candidate had been raised in a Christian home, and served the Lord enthousiastically, but realized that he needed to depend more on the Lord and to be baptized.

The song each baptismal candidate picked, the message, the whole service was a great occasion for Thanksgiving. It made us remember and relive our own conversion. Wish you could have been there!

Don’t forget to check out our prayer page.


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