Posted by: Jack | October 28, 2008

A free Saturday – for indepth Bible study!

Participants in the Saturday Bible Institute

NINE Saturdays a year, Jack teaches a morning or afternoon at a local Saturday Bible Institute in the city of Geleen. With about a dozen participants, we studied how we got the New Testament, and what kinds of books it contains. Last Saturday, we studied 1 and 2 Timothy. The next Saturdays, we will study the letters of the NT all the way to 3 John.

WE had fun with Timothy. Have you every heard a sermon about young timid Timothy? Well, I found out he wasn’t that timid! He came from a good believing family, spent 15 years with Paul as coworker, and mediated in Paul’s conflict with Corinth. No wonder Paul was confident when he asked Timothy, then around 40, to take over in Ephesus. Timothy’s job there? He had to correct the teaching of key leaders in a church that had expanded into quite a network in the whole region. Challenging these powerful people was a formidable task, even for someone as bold and courageous as Timothy!

IN most Dutch evangelical churches, solid Bible teaching is sorely lacking, so this is a great opportunity to assist regional churches in building a better foundation. This course is taught at almost 40 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium to over 1000 participants.

PRAY for these believers to grow in their understanding of the Word, that their faith may grow stronger, and they live closer to God. Pray also for Pieter-Jan, Jack’s intern who will take turns in teaching starting next time in November.


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