Posted by: Jack | October 6, 2008

Mentoring one step at a time

Mentoring is a big word, but it is done in small steps. Last week …

  • I interacted with 9 guys in my student mentor group. We will meet weekly to encourage each other spiritually. I missed our second meeting because I wrote down the time incorrectly, but the next one is on schedule for Tuesday, October 7th.
  • I spoke with Pieter-Jan, my student intern for the Saturday Bible Institute. He had attended the first teaching day of the season and evaluated my teaching to get into gear for doing some of the teaching himself later on in the year.
  • I spoke with Christiaan, another student, to assist me in my teaching and research, sometimes in helping with some administrative details, sometimes helping in research.

Sometimes, I wonder how you can fully equip someone to disciple other Christians. What’s the secret? A great curriculum? A wonderful personality? Or is it just taking one step at a time by being personally involved in the lives of a few people you can touch? I’m building into others’ lives just one stone at a time. And I’m not the only one building. Our Lord is using many others to join in building disciples. I praise Him for using us as He does, and pray for fruit from these and other encounters. Thanks for praying with me for these opportunities.

More later …

In the meantime, check our prayer pages, with dated and ongoing requests.


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