Posted by: Jack | September 30, 2008

Evangelistic Bible study with how many people?

Cooking for the Bible study group next door

Cooking for the Bible study group next door

A few weeks ago, a couple at church organized a barbecue to invite church folks and their friends. The purpose? To invite new people to the evangelistic study that was soon to be started.

The turnout didn’t seem to be too promising. But with courage and a good dose of faith, the first evangelistic Bible study was held. A church family cooked for a group that might be 10 people, and the first evening came. Several new people came out. The second evening,

Pat cooked the meal for the study and brought it over. That evening and the next, as many as 8 new people attended (plus 4 believers from our church to help lead the study). That’s the biggest such group that we’ve even seen in the life of our church!

One of these people was someone who had met some fellow missionaries while on vacation. When he said that he didn’t know of any believers in Maastricht, our missionary friends said, “well, I think we know someone!” When he returned to Maastricht, he called us to ask where our church service was. We had obligations elsewhere, but he showed up, felt very much at home, and asked one of the elders to pray with him for salvation! Praise the Lord. He is now also part of this new Bible study group.

Pray for God’s work through his Word and with His Spirit, that He will open their hearts to understand the gospel.


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