Posted by: Jack | September 18, 2008

First Chapel

It happened on Wednesday, September 17th. At noon. It was the first chapel of the new school year, and it’s always good to see many new faces at ETF. In fact, we have 25 new first year students in the Bachelor program (which is great!) and about 14 new students for the Th.M. program (some more would be good).

Dr. Patrick Nullens

Dr. Patrick Nullens

Dr. Patrick Nullens, our school president, spoke on Mat 5:1-2, and shared thoughts about Jesus as our Teacher and about the disciples as an example for our students. A big difference was Jesus’ outdoor classroom, while we have an academic building, dormitories (quite unusual in Europe) and a kitchen that needs cleaning up!!

After chapel, we all enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup provided for us by one of our students who is also a chef cook, while we ate our sandwiches. It’s our routine for Wednesday: chapel and then lunch together. It’s a good time to connect more personally with our students. Pray for them as they start their studies and dig into God’s Word.


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