Posted by: Jack | August 31, 2008

Starting up …

It’s fun. It’s exciting. And it’s frightening sometimes. We’re starting up a new year. Here’s our scoop:

Laura just finished her initiation weekend to join the Navigator student society, part of the international Navigator ministry. Tomorrow she starts her second year of studies in Social Sciences while she looks for involvement with refugees or other opportunities for service.

Laura (on right) and Rebecca on vacation. Do you know where?

Laura (on right) and Rebecca on vacation. Do you know where?

Rebecca starts her 3rd year of nursing studies on Tuesday, and really looks forward to an internship at the nearby university hospital. She already spent lots of time learning about the conditions for which people aretreated in ‘her’ wing. She is involved in the youth ministry, and makes steady progress with driving lessons.

Pat starts up her studies for flower arranging this Monday (35 miles away in Belgium) and will do the flowers for two young Christian couples getting married on Sept 5 and Oct 3. Her friendships with colleagues and others are growing, so she keeps building these ‘redemptive’ relationships.

Jack has an intensive study week at ETF, and is getting ready for a major stretch of writing, to get a presentable draft of the dissertation turned in by January 15. Soon his mentor group will start up and new students will start arrived.

Please remember us in prayer for these exciting weeks. Why not check out our prayer page for other prayer requests and answer!


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