Posted by: Jack | August 28, 2008

Fourth elder ordained

Last Sunday was a special day. Eric was ordained as our fourth elder, joining our board of three other elders. It is the first time in the history of our church, I believe, that we’ve been able to pass this milestone. Usually, the church has functioned with three elders, occasionally even with just two. In a fellowship of about 50 adults, that was manageable. However, with our growing church, we needed more leadership.

Our elders praying over the new elder joining the team

Our elders praying over the new elder joining the team

Another special event was the Saturday afternoon before this special ordination. We spent time with the elders, deacons and their partners discussing and planning the church’s ministry for the year to come. We were with around 20 people and it was amazing to hear how the Lord was leading each one of them in their vision and plans for their particular ministry. Truly our elders have an incredibly important job of maintaining a clear course and keeping all these ministries moving in the same direction. We are blessed to see a fourth elder join this team.By the way, Eric is one of my cycling buddies — although I must confess that I can’t keep up very well with him when going uphill!


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