Posted by: Jack | August 26, 2008

Evangelistic Bible study course

For years, we’ve wanted to have an evangelistic Bible study. The last time we had any success at it was years ago, but through the concerted effort of several believers, last year we had an ongoing evangelistic Bible study in Maastricht that was taught three times consecutively, with several people turning to Christ.

At the beginning of the year, two couples dedicated themselves to organizing and teaching the small group. Plans were laid, invitations went out, mostly by personal contact. Of the short list of candidates, only a few actually showed up. They shared supper together, always a good time to build relationships and break the ice. Then, even with only 4 or 5 present on an evening (including the hosts), the watched the evenings’ video and had a good time of open discussion. After a few weeks, 2 people decided not to attend any longer, so it seemed that the evangelistic study group would grind to a halt. But as the church prayed, and some more people were invited, it got its ‘second wind.’ One or two friends from those initially attending came out. Interest grew, so that by the time the study ended (some 12 sessions), people wanted to start again. They also wanted to bring a friend. And that’s how it went from there on.

It was a lot of work, organizing that other church members brought over the meal and helped clean up. It was a lot of preparation to get ready for every evening, and to be in touch with people throughout the week. But over the course of one year, in which this course was taught three times, we have seen about half a dozen people show serious interest in the gospel, and about 3 or 4 people getting saved. Soon this course will start again, this time with a BBQ on September 4th. We are praying for continuing interest and growing momentum, so that we’ll see even more people saved this season.


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