Posted by: Jack | August 22, 2008

Discipling leaders

“Disciples are not born, they are made.”

What a privilege to disciple dozens of young people, to grow into leaders for Europe’s churches. When we started out years ago as church planters in the Netherlands, I would never have thought it possible. But that is what teaching at ETF is all about.

Teaching happens in bursts, 6 weeks of classes in a quarter, several quarters a year. But building spiritual character and nurturing spiritual life is one-going. In the mentor groups I’m part of. In the weekly chapel services. In the many personal contacts with students. In the feedback on projects and assignments. And in helping students get connected with churches in the Netherlands and Belgium.

As we returned home last night from visiting friends, I found an email in my inbox. It was from a Dutch pastor announcing that his church was looking for part time help as pastoral assistant. Did I know anyone that would fit the bill? It’ll be a while before students are back at school, but I hope and pray for a good match. Another student (couple?) connected with a good church!


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